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Employment Lawyer Orange County

If you work in Orange County or the surrounding areas and have a legal issue with your employer, then you need the help of an experienced Orange County employment lawyer. NDK Law provides the exceptional legal representation you need to protect your rights under Orange County state and federal employment law.

Don’t be a Victim!

  • Do you feel you have been a victim of discrimination at work because of your age, gender, race, religion, national origin or disability?

  • Have you experienced sexual harassment, sexual orientation harassment or discrimination on the job?

If so, then you need the services of an NDK employment lawyer in Orange County who is experienced in dealing with employers in these kinds of issues. We will advise you on how to end any hostility or discrimination and deal with the employer so that they will not retaliate against you.

If they don’t comply, then we can take legal action to halt the offenses. If the case goes to court, you may collect damages for lost wages and emotional stress from the employer.

Been Fired? Call an Orange County Employment Lawyer!

Have you been terminated unfairly as retaliation because you reported a breach in company policy or a safety violation? Perhaps you have been fired but were given no reason. While an employer can fire you in many cases for supposedly no reason, if you were let go because of a reason like age, race, and others, you may have a case.

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